Welcome to DSN

Welcome to my new blog. It's been a long time coming but I've finally designed my own blog from scratch.

No more bloated blog platforms

Since flat-file content management systems have been all the rage lately, I looked into many different platforms over the past few months. I tried out the Middleman static site generator first but I felt overwhelmed with having to learn Ruby, YAML, and Slim all at once. I then looked into Anchor, Statamic, and Craft. None really struck a chord with me and I decided to give Kirby a shot after seeing some nice looking sites in their showcase.

My experience with Kirby so far

The Kirby community isn't a huge movement like Wordpress but I like that it's mainly other designers and artists.

The PHP-based template system is loosely based off jQuery selectors so it's very easy to work with. The tutorials, documentation, and customer service by creator Bastian Allgeier are easy to understand, and cover most features needed.

I plan to open source the design of this blog once I create the portfolio section and go through all the javascript code I used to make sure they have a favorable open source license for re-distribution. It was a great learning experience putting this website together and getting to try out new techniques without having a deadline or client who doesn't really care if the page loads via AJAX or not.

DSN's colophon has more information on how the site was built. It's been an absolute pleasure to build.